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from by Kenosis

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(Cody Miles)

Examine this cannon. How can it organically grow in my soul? And this solace is stolen insanity. Rigors not mortis: it’s sort of disorder personified. More to find. More defined. More to find. Mortified. Gehenna’s borderline flipped like I’m sunny side up from the gutter. Got a taste of the sola fide. Man, there’s more to life. I got a soul that cries “glorified, glorified, glorified, glorified.”

(Dustin Curlee)

Yo, I tried and tried to master life through my own volition. Lonely mission, till the transition had me tripping and gripping the truth. Contained within a book that’s called the Word of God. You’ve heard a lot? More than just a story, yo, it’s supernatural. With pages full of precepts overriding every papal bull. Now I’m capable with a cup thats full. It overrunnith with the blood of the crucified. You should try. Past from the dead into the land of eternal life.

(Cody Miles)

Empiricists, my peers resist the epistemology. The purest kids get their interest in distant policy. When fears exist, we give a flip, the Sith don’t bother me. I’m a hidden citizen of New Jeru. That’s all I be. Iconoclast, man, we’re fallin’ fast. I call it that. Caught my hand, Jesus bought me and he brought me back. Perfect architect, He worked the cross on our behalf to murder a certain serpentine. His mercies seen the darkest trap.

(Dustin Curlee)

(trap)easy, cruising through this life walking a tight rope and queasy. Choosing who is right, talking at night hoping your choice is heard, disturbed. This word don’t fall on deaf ears cause’ you’re barely hanging on to hope your nerve is known by fears, but pause. Take a breath. Escaping death through a transcendent verb till nothings left, you’re left depending on a pending third a verb regenerating you. Showing you what to do. The living Word is real, it heals and now it’s penetrating you.

(Dustin Curlee/ Cody Miles)

Scales falling from my eyes, it pales to the wall of lies. I’m calling Abba, Father, “Modern Scholars don’t know what I.” See the scenery, the sun came out, the one they doubt, He’s all about cauterizing all of my sin. My horizons now blue skies and Resurrected. I deflected. Went from death to hearing blessings. I confess I’m quite grotesque. It’s just a sec’ till I reach perfection. Died with Christ, I raised with Him. Abide in life. My praise, my hymn. My maiden name was Adam but even that was just a pseudonym.


from Transidentity, released December 4, 2010
Beat and Production by Saiza.



all rights reserved


Kenosis Austin, Texas

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