Cause and Effect

from by Kenosis

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“Cause and Effect” by Kenosis

(David Boone)

Let this resonate for heaven’s sake. That upon which you meditate defines you. Whether it’s your fine boo or divine truth, out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks and shines through.

(Cody Miles)

Draw a line through the life beside you. Recognize the mind-two wants to undermine you. Not fluke, then it must of been the lust within that mustered in. Resuscitate the reprobate then check the date and throw away.

(Dustin Curlee)

And pray that your choice heeds the voice of the Holy Spirit. Slowing steer it in the direction of the King. A deflection from the sting of death, your chest starts to pump the blood of the one who crucified his own Son.

(David Boone)

Careful what you spit, Dawg, even if you tight with it. Careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Careful what you say, how you play, how you spend your day. Careful how you live, do you give, do you mind your bizz.

(Cody Miles/Dustin Curlee)

Cause and effect. There’s laws in effect. For every action, equal and opposite reaction

(David Boone)

Those having sense practice abstinence. Other’s want sex in the wrong context and wonder why it’s complex. Daddy’s don’t want to bother with children, they leave them fatherless and blame it on the system that taught em’ this

(Cody Miles)

Synonymous Autonomy, the lot of us still fail to see the farnabus of doctrinal debauchery. It bothers me, epiphora, gouging out eyes instead of realizing it’s Christ who does the change inside.

(Dustin Curlee)

Crucified, spill the blood, still the flood of the fleshly man. Yes he can create in you a man anew that’s what He do, come shining through the risen Lord. The lion roared and now I’m more than flesh and bones, He took the stone and with one touch he made it grown.

(David Boone)

You can get with this or you can get with that. Not always tit for tat. Universal laws of nature, just a fact. But the rules get overruled by the ruler- walk on water, change it to wine, give vision to the blind.

(Cody Miles)

It ain’t called Karma, it’s called Common Sense, you goddesses. I’d stop what I was doing before I saw the law offices for an attorney, spending eternity in Jail. Burning certainly, pray to God figure it out.

(Dustin Curlee)

It makes no sense, the existentialist philosopher who’s fighting for such vanity. Insanity, you’ll never be what you claim to be. You can’t see because you’re blinded by your veil on a highway to Hell without the one who paid your bail.


from Transidentity, released December 4, 2010
Beat by Nomolos, Production by Saiza.



all rights reserved


Kenosis Austin, Texas

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