Drowning Adam

from by Kenosis

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“Drowning Adam” by Kenosis

And so I drown Adam. My soul’s so cold. Sat on a rock and said you build this house and I’ll laugh at Saturn. It’s sad, madam, I defend in temper tantrum. I repent in word not actions and refer to men for answers. Whatever happened to the narrow road? Now I fair it slow, to the pheromones of the fairest loans that the world could ever bring. (I’m a) Pharisee. And inside I scream, “I want to rip this flesh out of me.” I’m out of peace, and I’m out of wack. Who ever thought the one that brought me here would now suddenly be pushing me back? It’s all fact, that in making you known I find I don’t know you, it’s like I’m forsaking your Son. (oh) And now I’m blind and I’m all alone. Addicted to the beat of the metronome. Betcha never guessed it though. I set my eyes on Zion while I’m fight this den of lions, inside my heart there’s violence, but I know my voice is silent.

(Because) Christ isn’t an add on I have to drown adam. The baptism of your Spirit, is causing me to pass on.

I’m not who I used to be. I move into scrutiny. I’m refined by fire but taken live by the music scene. Like Ephesus, I’m left this first love. It’s this mistress of rap that trapped my thirst of You (Jesus). Truth, life, and light. I refuse to lose the feud on Abraham’s side, but I can’t stay still, like I’m ADHD. I satiate peace in the state of un-repentance. Please don’t let me take advantage of this grace, I shake my sandals from this place. I take your annals, off the mantels and I seek your face. The weak you raise and I think I’m a prime candidate for the beat and broken saint that needs to be saved. I’ve seen my eyes move from the cross to the present life. I mean, these lies prove that I’m wrong but it feels so nice. Parasite on my faith, my paradigm is reshaped, God, please help me realize that this paradise is fake.

Eyes wired, divinely inspired this. I’m tired, but you’re holding up my irises. I’ll tell these kids in the fire, it’s life on the higher cliffs. Try or miss, I’ll stand on this stage and still inquire men. Environment if it’s vital then we need to live our lives like we Jesus and not desire sin. They looking at us, waiting for the fall, taking us for saul, tasting us for salt, buts it’s all an assault that faults by default. I work with his energy. I work so all men can see these words mean nothing… I want my life to resemble Jesus Christ. Plead my rights before the court and divorce this worldly wife. These words I write are the overflow. Don’t get caught in the undertow. I know it’s not fun but in the sun you grow. Friend or foe, hear my case, in the snow, in the rain, we need to glorify Jesus and take nothing to waste.


from Transidentity, released December 4, 2010
Nomolos on the Beat, Saiza on Production.



all rights reserved


Kenosis Austin, Texas

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