Lyrical Kings

from by Kenosis

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"Lyrical Kings" by Kenosis

(Mista Min)

Tap off the hat, back up the raps. Proclaim what is known to the rest of them cats. It be amazing how angels be watching men dazed and confused, raising in by twos. Multiply that two, so you get a product. Peep our by produKt, not dairy we bring the beef. Ya’ll killers don’t see, perceive, believe. ya’ll some thieves but you can’t steal the truth.

(David Boone)

I'm tellin' I ain't askin ya: if I preach another Gospel, may I be an anathema. Blasphemous cats be adding stuff which is really no Gospel at all, disastrous like a catheter(oh!). Fire in the hole, coming straight out the canon, Scripture, Sacred Text, only spit, holy writ, slowly get in the roll we fit. You know me kid! I'm the one bringing the truth and I'm never sugar coating it!

(Cody Miles)

Cause when you stop and sit down, synoymous make sense now, send a man, amen, admist these hypocrites and preach loud, back up in the seats, wow, feed that sheep, that sweet sound of the hand on the plow. Mission field is this town.

(David Boone/ Dustin Curlee)

Lyrical Kings spittin' spiritual things written

(Mista Min)

Hum and breathe. Meditate as he heals you. To the dumb receive as they speak to you. Signs in the sky, imitate He who’s alive. Mind fills with lies, infiltrate with sheep’s hide. Wolves den, creep inside, massacre matador. Survivors cling to horns on the alter. Like the rock of Gibraltar, but home of Jebusites. It ain’t right cause he’s creeping like a thief at night.

(Cody Miles)

Succeed, He seceded. Should of seen the scene, He pleaded for the seed of Abraham. Xenaphobic Pharasee's. We needed a high priest at right knee. Muhammad Ali. He floats like a butterfly, splits down the sea. Redeemer Academia, anemia, demeaner of a Covenant covered in bleeding Son- so read and learn the Gospel of peace, lost souls at ease, apostles deceased but carried on by these beautiful feet.

(David Boone)

May this be a movement of the Holy Spirit, give em' ears to hear, so the Homies hear it.


from Transidentity, released December 4, 2010
Beat by Zaya, Production by Saiza. Thanks to Mista Min for flying down from Germany.



all rights reserved


Kenosis Austin, Texas

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