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“Sinsitize” by Kenosis

(Cody Miles)

Yes, it will never die: Truth, as in edify. Alumni of Earth. Sacrificed like a samurai. Sanctify to holiness, I only get more in this Bible like a word and I submit like a pessimist. Show stopper, I’m told what to say like a teleprompter, what I ought to do like a doctor. But I could not offer what God bought for me, so I blow this smoke like a Rastafarian its a starry end, I’m already in one love like Bob Marley and Solomon. My problem is He’s in like lobotomy- follow me, you’ll probably see my will is not part of me. I do what I don’t. I move like remote control, but I’m chill like I’m ala mode. All to boast, all the coasts, glory to the Holy Ghost for making an animal valuable.

(Cody Miles)

One, set your eyes on the prize and minimize sin in your life, get it right with a friend of mine

(Dustin Curlee)

Two, move in step with the Trinity. Once was your enemy except He wrecked the wall in vicinity

(David Boone)

Three, take this cross on your back and benefactor in your heart not a chain, check similax Four:

(Dustin Curlee)

Don’t deny the Spirit inside

(Cody Miles)

The Spirit of Life

(David Boone)

Boy, got to get Sin-sitized.

(Dustin Curlee)

Man, I’m so sedentary that I say it’s scary to me. Instead of 20/20, everything’s so blurry to me. Maybe if I squint or maybe if i strain i would start to see the things that cause me so much pain. Please give me clarity, I beg of the Holy Ghost. I ask in sincerity so my heart is diagnosed. It’s like a cancer, eating up my insides and I know the answer that makes the anguish subside. Talk is cheap and it comes down to action. I walk can creep as I move in a fraction. Attraction to what my heart desires as the prize, either Christ or this world is the apple of my eyes. So I grapple with the lies, saying my good-byes, and now complacency to me is compromise. So I strive for intensity to live out my devotion, cause emotion is the potion, set this whole thing into motion.

(David Boone)

Prick to the conscience, forget the nonsense. Wandering eyes listening to the Father of lies. Doing things that I ought to despise. Sin leads to death. Got to realize. Recognize, get sin-sitized. Paraclete, bring conviction for the sins inside. Now I’m friends with God ’cause of His Son that was sent to die and cleanse my life, within reside. Used to roll with fake dudes sippin’ gray goose, now I roll with Jesus sippin’ grape juice in communion. It’s take-two. Not sin-less but I tend to sin less, time to time need a chin check self, when I’m walking in flesh. Fight club scenario, it’s scary, yo, I can hear the Master’s voice like it’s stereo (repent). Yo, ya’ll ready for the hook (yeah), here we go…


from Transidentity, released December 4, 2010
Beat and Production by Saiza.



all rights reserved


Kenosis Austin, Texas

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