Under My King

from by Kenosis

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"Under My King" by Kenosis

(David Boone)

Shoot bullets, with butterfly wings. Too foolish to utter wise things. Few cool with what they life brings. Who's ruling? We under my King.

(Cody Miles)

Soothsayer. Going Super Saiyan. I'm an alien. I stray away from the grain of men. They fade to sin, I walk straighter than a leg brace. To save face, I lay waste these rappers who give glory to they own name. No names walking like they chin touch they noses. Been working out with a cross, I can bench press these posers. Ten reps, it's over. In step, Jehovah. I'm inept of anything, I'm just God-breathed betrothal.

(Mista Min)

Bark like a dog cause I ain’t no good. Just too hood so I gripped on wood. Some synthesize like their name was Moog, but I keep it natural, go off like 50 cal. Minimal me, while I maximize He. So I’m satisfied, we keep it tough like McGruff. Take a bite out these rhymes, Dog have you lost your mind? God realize, let me clarify.

(David Boone)

Can't chill, moving hyper. True Disciple. Callin' men away from senseless sins to repentance. What they do that's righteous? Dirty as doo-doo diapers and filthy rags, brood of vipers. Do what they do to snipe us. Losing sight plus blind to the spiritual. Planks in the iris, can't be inspired with Truth plainly put, draw blanks when they try this.

(Dustin Curlee)

Ranks on the highest! Yeah, in they own eyes, the wisest. Knowing not what they own is despised of the King of true faith and a heart circumcision. It don't start with a free-will decision. A misrepresentation of the way to get faith, Son, don't save none. You try to pull a fast one. I got a bullet proof vest ricocheting your machine gun so you ain't slaying no one.


from Transidentity, released December 4, 2010
Beat by Mista Min, Production by Saiza. Thanks to Min for his featuring on this track.



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Kenosis Austin, Texas

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